The history

40 years of experience with automation and a history that goes more than a 100 years back in time.


FH Automation can trace its roots back to 1921 when Rasmus Hansen founded the company Horsens Elektromotor-Reparation in Horsens.


Already in 1928, a branch was opened in Vejle. Rasmus Hansen’s son, Folmer, later established Bosch Danmark.


Rasmus Hansen died in 1956 and Folmer Hansen inherited Elektromotorfirmaet which he merged with Bosch and restructured into one company with two branches: Horsens Elektro and Vejle Elektro.


1972 saw the company granted the distribution of Danfoss and Siemens products. This was the beginning of wholesales and the manufacture of control panels and distribution boards. In the mid 70’s Siemens PLC controls were introduced.


The business area was in strong growth and, for this reason, in 1984, the engineering section was formed and the name of the business was changed to FH Electric ApS.


In 1993, the company was converted to a limited company under the name FH Gruppen A/S.


In 2004, the company was demerged into two different companies: The company FH Gruppen A/S became a components supplier whereas the repairs of electrical motors, the manufacture of control panels and the activities in FH Engineering were gathered into an independent company under the name FH Automation A/S.


As part of a generational succession, Ove Madsen, Group CEO, chose to sell the latter to two employees - Leif Rasmussen, Manager, and Lars Farsø, Head of Department, who started up with 20 employees in a domicile at Vejlevej in Horsens.


For the purpose of strengthening activities east of the Store Belt, Arne Boldt El-Automatic ApS in Slagelse was acquired in 2010, also in connection with a generational change. This department is now located in Ringsted and is primarily involved in software for facilities within the utility industry.


In 2014, the facilities on Vejlevej in Horsens became too small, and the current headquarters on Fuglevangsvej, covering 6000 m2, was inaugurated. Around the same time, the company also entered the field of robotics technology and the development of specialized machinery.


Throughout the years, service and rapid response to malfunctioning facilities have been a major focus for all employees. These services were formalized in 2020 with the establishment of the service department, which includes preventive maintenance on both mechanics, controls, and software as core services.


At our 100th anniversary in 2021, the company employs 71 highly motivated and well-qualified employees, and we are looking into a bright future with a significant demand for automation in the industry. This demand is expected to increase, especially in relation to meeting global climate goals.



Our software department (FH Software), comprising a total of 28 employees, has become part of Init after more than 40 years with FH Automation.

With this move, we have chosen to narrow our focus on services exclusively related to electrical design, manufacturing of electrical panels, and electrical and mechanical services to further strengthen this effort.