In FH Automation, we focus on quality assurance, environmental responsibility, and employee well-being. Therefore we have achieved ISO certification in 9001, 14001, and 45001. These certifications serve as evidence that we comply with international standards and have also contributed to creating transparency in processes across workflows.

ISO 9001 certified

FH Automation first achieved ISO 9001 certification in 2017 and was recertified in 2023. Certification work is a significant priority at FH Automation, and we have always emphasized quality control and process optimization to ensure that we deliver high quality in both products and services to our customers. Therefore, the certification is proof that we can deliver high product quality while maintaining work procedures and descriptions to ensure quality in all aspects of our work.

ISO 14001 certified

In 2023, FH Automation became ISO 14001 certified, thereby complying with international standards for identifying and improving our environmental performance. In connection with certification, we have extensively worked on minimizing our environmental impact in daily operations by establishing more environmentally friendly heating. Therefore, we have initiated measures to support new and green technologies in future investments. In practice, this means that we have reconsidered our internal work processes to integrate more sustainable solutions across workflows.

The certificate attests to our success in establishing procedures that help minimize our environmental impact. At the same time, it is evidence that we comply with environmental legislation and take responsibility for the environment.

ISO 45001 certified

At FH Automation, we strive to create the best conditions for our employees. In this regard, we were ISO 45001 certified in 2023, which means that we have evaluated our work procedures to minimize any occupational health and safety risks associated with employees' daily work processes. Our employees are our most valuable asset, which is why we embarked on certification work to ensure that we offer the best possible working conditions with a focus on employee health and safety.

The certification is therefore proof that we comply with international standards for employee well-being, ensuring the maintenance of a safe and healthy work environment, both physically and mentally.