A high production flow often places the palletising plant under pressure, typically because the robot cell cannot keep pace. FH Automation has developed an autonomous robot cell that eases the pressure by calculating the palletising pattern in such a way that the palletising robot can pack each layer of the pallet in one cycle.

Traditionally, you would construct a palletising plant with mechanical and pneumatic systems which push the pallet pattern into place. However, using robotics is both faster and far more flexible. The robot means that the palletising pattern may be changed easily and effortlessly when the dimensions of the items change.

Moreover, FH automation has developed a program which calculates a palletising pattern based on the format of the items. The calculations are presented in a clear graphic design and the program suggests the pattern that provides space for the most items.  

Stryhns Palletising

Robots helped a palletising Plant under pressure - The palletising plant at Stryhns in Roskilde could not keep pace with the increased productivity. With the assistance of Robot Technology from FH Automation...
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