Over time, FH Automation has developed considerable experience with robotics. We are a certified KUKA partner and we have developed our own software for simple robot programming, SimRo.

SimRo makes robotics even more flexible and profitable as the robot can effortlessly perform several different tasks. A moveable robot cell means that mobility is also secured, and the robot thus becomes a flexible manpower which may form part of the production wherever the need arises.

In collaboration with Omron we are currently offering a free showcase of their collaborative TM-robot. While showcasing the robots abilities, we'll discuss with you where your company potentially could use the robot. The TM-robot, with it's integrated vision, is one of the most user-friendly, collaborative robots on the market today. The robot can be used for packing, palletizing, montage and pick-and-place. 

Contact Kai Østergaard, and book your free showcase today. 

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