Control panels

FH Automation has decades of experience designing and building electrical and control panels. We are able to develop prototypes, produce specialised solutions as well as carry out serial productions. It is all done at our workshop in Horsens.

Own processing centre for electrical panels

Flexibility and innovation are fixed starting points for the work carried out in our panel workshop. We realise that this sounds like a cliché, so let us try to add substance to the claim:

We have our own processing centre and are therefore able to produce all automatic control panels, control boards and electrical panels in-house. This means that you can inspect them at any stage of the production. Thus, changes can be added right up to the deadline. If you suddenly become aware of an overlooked detail, we are only a phone call away. 

Part of assignments or complete production

Furthermore, we can provide assistance at every stage. Our electrical designers are able to create diagrams and documentation based on your designs, or you can even bring in finished drawings. We can produce special sub-components or we can complete the panel. We can finish with downloading software for programmable components and make a FAT so that the device is ready for SAT. This way, a finished panel can be sent directly from our workshop to where it is needed.

How many of the stages of production we complete is entirely up to you. You can make changes to the production at any time. We call that flexibility.  



Wide-ranging experience provides innovative solutions

When you face a challenge for which there is no immediate standard solution, we catch your ball and help you find the optimum solution. At our core is a group of highly experienced panel workshop employees and, with customers from both the wind turbine industry, the utilities industry, the metal industry, the food industry and small machine manufacturers, the basis for our experience is huge and versatile.

This is a good starting point for innovation - or development and innovation, as we call it.

Robot-controlled hole-punching and cutting

We do not make do with producing a standard solution; we try to create added value for the overall product. Every panel is unique and it is all about creating something that utilises the potential of the overall solution to the full.

We have a highly automated, state-of-the-art panel workshop. In the processing centre, robot-controlled hole-punching and cutting is performed which ensures high precision, high productivity and a future-proof working environment. We design in PCSCHEMATIC, but we are transferring to EPLAN to enable 3D-production of the diagrams. This can further automate production. However, we are already able to project and simulate panel solutions in 3D.

Any task – big or small

We are UL-certified which means that we are also able to produce finished panels for the US and Canadian markets. We naturally also comply with all European standards.

We produce everything from the smallest terminal box to the most complicated machine control panel. We would be delighted to also provide a flexible and innovative solution for you.

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