Buffer System

Buffer Systems are essential in food manufacturing and most employ the alpine type of Buffer. However, an alpine Buffer is not without its issues; cleaning is difficult just like blockages or overturned Items may be difficult to spot and remedy when things are happening well above floor level.

FH Automation has developed an alternative Buffer System which may be used in all types of food manufacturing. The Conveyors may be constructed to fit the Items  - whether these are Pâtés, Bottles, baked Goods or something entirely different. When operations are interrupted, the system automatically begins to route the surplus Items to the Conveyors. The system may be constructed in exactly the size required – it is only a matter of available floor space. Whether it is a matter of two Conceyors or 100, the basic structure of the system is the same; the Conveyors are filled on an ongoing basis and emptied again according to the ”first in, first out” principle.

The Conveyors are also very easy to access and service which means that servicing does not affect the remainder of the production flow.

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