Facing machine

Facing machine

Unique Packing Cell with ”Facing”

Retail makes increasing demands of the presentation of their products on the least shelf area possible.

The goods on the shelves must be positioned in dead-straight rows with the front facing the customers. And restocking must be easy and quick.  

This is exactly the observation behind a brand-new Robot Cell developed by FH Automation. 

The Robot Cell which is primarily aimed at the food industry packs products according to the ”Facing” principle which means that the products are packed in the same way ensuring that the labels are always facing the customers.

The technology 

The entire Packing System consists of a Tray Erector produced by us followed by a cell with a number of KUKA Robots. When an item arrives at the Plant, a unique Vision system ensures that the Robots are ”being informed” of how the item is turned. Thus, our system is able to calculate the number of the degrees the Robot must turn the item to ensure that the label is facing the right way prior to it being put in the Tray. This is known as Facing and ensures that the Products are presented correctly when the Tray is placed on the Shelf.       

Both the Grippers, the Tray Erectors, the Control Panel and the Operating Panel are designed by FH Automation, just like the programming is done in-house. The System is scalable, and the number of Robots depends on the capacity required.

An FH Automation Facing cell provides: 

•High capacity

•Considerable advantages to retail

•Quick change-over 

•Limited maintenance