Mobile and easily-operated Robot reduced the share of EGA

A high degree of flexibility and ease of use has made Robotics an efficient partner at Expedit in Hadsten. FH Automation delivered a Moveable Robot which is controlled by Software the operation of which does not require specialised knowledge.

Managers of small and medium-sized Companies are often sceptical when the topic of conversation is Industrial Robots. The technology is associated with the production of huge numbers of one item and costly, specialised staff. 

FH Automation has challenged both types of concern at Expedit in Hadsten. The Company produces shop Fittings for the Retail Industry and the share of monotonous, repetitive work (MRW) at the Factory makes the potential of Robotics obvious. However, the volume of production of the individual Items did not justify the constant production usually required by an investment in Robotics. However, if the Robot could be moved between two work stations and, thus, able to perform different tasks, it was another matter.

Mobile Robot Solution

FH Automation developed a Robotics solution which could be moved within the workshop between a Press Brake and a Wire Bender. Some days, the Factory needs to build an inventory from specific items made by the Wire Bender and, on other days, products made by the Press Brake are required. 

“It is monotonous, repetitive work and so the employees were pleased when the Robot was delivered. Robotics make good sense when they can reduce the fatigue in staff and keep jobs at home which would otherwise go abroad,” says Leif Rasmussen, Sales Manager at FH Automation. 

The Robot may be dismantled by removing four bolts fastened in the floor, be moved with a Hand Pallet Truck and be reinstalled at the new work station within a few minutes. The multi-cable is plugged into its side and the unit is ready for use again.

Simple programming of Robots

After moving the Robot, the operator can quickly and simply adjust the Software to perform the new job which means that the Robot is ready within five minutes.

“Programming a Robot to perform new jobs was previously something which could take many hours or days. However, we have developed an interface which is far more intuitive in design,” says Casper Rørvig Madsen, Sales Engineer at FH Automation.

The special interface is called SimRo and is an abbreviation of ”Simple Robot programming” and this gives the Company far more independence in the daily use of robotics. The Company also avoids the trouble of training staff with specialist knowledge.

“Robots are flexible, however, often the Software developed has limited their use. This means that the company must contact the supplier whenever adjustments are needed, or it has to train its own specialists,” says Casper Rørvig.

Flexibility increases profitability

Expedit does not need to worry about this as the operator, with the assistance of SimRo can easily adjust the Robot to perform new bending or pick & place jobs in a very short time.

“This flexibility increases the profitability because the more jobs that may be performed by the Robot, the quicker the investment is paid off. This is why we developed the Software to also be used for a Wire Bender. We can always develop a tailored solution,” says Casper Rørvig Madsen.  

Learn more about SimRo here.